Since 2003with love

At the beginning Antikapratika was just the name of our tattoo shop, which we opened in Italy in 2003. Soon it became far more then that, a bigger, more intense and all-involving project. After almost six successful and exciting years of Antikapratika shop, the desire to acquire more knowledge and experience brought us on the road for a nearly 5-years journey. Throughout that time we both worked guest spots in various tattoo shops, always expanding our horizons, not only as creatives but also as human beings. During our years on the road, Berlin has always been sort of a home base for us. When I began working as guest in some tattoo shops and Ivan start tattooing at AKA , we finally decided to move to Berlin in 2013. In 2014 Ivan became a resident tattoo artist at Blut & Eisen Tattoo Shop and I focused all my creativity on the Antikapratika tattooed ceramics collection. Beside tattooing Ivan is working with me on the process of creating new tattoo motives and also transferring tattoo illustrations style into paper trough woodcarving technique. Since 1995 we are spending our lives together as a couple, friends, partners, travellers and few years ago Kornelio, our sweet frenchie, joined us in the family.