I design every piecefrom the mold to your home

I had my first pottery experience more then 20 years ago with ceramics master Giancarlo Scapin, in my home town Schio – Italy. I´m a self taught creative, drawing my inspiration from the past 40 years of life. I´ve spent the past few years studying the process and materials. Every pieces is handmade, from the mold to the motifs and designs, to the final touch. It´s a complex and slow process. For each piece I design prototypes and then create the model, handcarving plaster or modelling clay. From that I´m producing plaster molds for slipcasting. Each item can then be individualized, applying our unique tattoo design, with different tecniques.
“Travelling, studying languages, discovering new cultures, talking and listening to people of all kind always keeping my heart and eyes wide open, has helped me to improve my creativity.”
- Marta