Where to find our Ceramics?

This year we would like to offer you

a SLOW SHOPPING expierence.

No need to rush at Markets to get our Tattooed Porcelain. This year you can purchase them in a much more relaxed enviroment:

  • From your home, take your time and check our ONLINE SHOP

you will be redirected to our #Etsy store, there you will have a full selection of our ready to Ship Ceramics. We offer FREE SHIPPING all over Germany and SPECIAL RATES all over Europe.

  • Visit us at our LAB, a lovely way to know each others and see where we produce our Tattooed Porcelain

    Send us an E.mail or call us to get an appointment. We will be happy to welcome you at our Lab, is a small lovelly “werkstatt” in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg - Berlin.

  • Drop at Blut & Eisen Tattoo Shop and feel the tattoo vibes.

    There´s an accurate selection of Tattoed Ceramics, well displaied in the window of this amazing Tattoo Shop. While you´re choosing your next Morning Cup, you might get tempted to ink your skin by amazing talented Artists at Blut & Eisen.

If you would like to get a Custom Tattooed Ceramics, with a personalized motifs or a special writings, write us.

We wish you great time!

Marta, Ivan & Kornelio

Antikapratika Family

Antikapratika at Blut & Eisen_-4.jpg