Other place to find Antikapratika


Here are the shops where you can find some of our products and see firsthand the quality of the materials and decorations.


TASACASA – Via Giovanni Pascoli, 28 – 48012 Bagnacavallo RA – www.tasacasa.it
HIVE TATTOO & ART GALLERYVia Privata Pirano, 9 – 20127 Milano MI – www.hivetattooart.com
TEMIDE – Via dei Vacciuoli, 15 – 17100 Savona SA – www.temidestore.it


INKOCHNITO – Marie Curie Str. 1 – 79100 Freiburg – www.inkochnito.de
BLUT & EISEN – Stargarder Str. 7 – 10437 Berlin – www.blutundeisen.de

Would you like to become one of our retailers?

Send us an e-mail at SHOP@ANTIKAPRATIKA.COM with your details, information about your company, and the collection you are interested in.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the exciting world of ANTIKAPRATIKA. Each item is made with love and care right here in our atelier in Berlin.

Please note that each of our pieces is handmade with love and variations in colour, glaze and shape may occur. Our porcelain creations are not bound by strict symmetry, but we allow the material to follow its own graceful curves. Each piece is uniquely shaped by the natural tendencies of porcelain, which is why our porcelains are not perfectly rounded in shape. You can also notice the beautiful traces of our artists’ tools and the occasional maker’s mark. These distinctive qualities are an integral part of our handcrafted creations and make each piece even more unique.