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Golden Arrow Ex Voto


A traditional and loved subject. As object is commonly known as a votive offering to a Divinity to show gratitude for an attainment miracle or as a vow. It’s an elegant piece, chosen noot only by lovers.

every piece is unique

In stock

Each white porcelain tattooed product is handmade in Berlin by Antikapratika.

Every pieces is handmade, from the mold to the motifs and designs, to the final touch. It´s a long process. Antikapratika designs prototypes and then creates the model, handcarving plaster or modelling clay and from that, the plaster molds for slipcasting. Each item can then be individualized, applying our unique tattoo design, with different tecniques.

Due to this handmade process, each tattooed porcelain is an unique, superb piece with an individual, irregular shape.

Length – 20 cm approx*

Off white, german porcelain; clear transparent glaze.

Handpainted with pure real gold.

We design these porcelain Ex Voto to adorn interiors. Off white porcelain decorated with pure real gold or hand painted with a cobalt blue, underglaze tattoo motif. Can be hung on the wall.

Pictures are demonstrative, because ceramics are handcrafted pieces, variation in size, colour and shape might occure.

*irregular shape

Weight 0.154 kg


Golden Arrow Ex Voto

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