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Moth Cup


We choose this design as gift for best friends, to show that you care and trust him or her. This is the perfect cup to use as a tableware or to keep as an outstanding decoration.

In stock

Height – 5 cm approx
Diameter – 9 cm approx*
Holds 500 ml
Dishwasher and food safe, perfect for a daily use.

White, translucent, german bone china porcelain and clear, transparent, galze.

black silkscreen tattoo design, applied under the clear glaze.

Ideal for your morning espresso or japanese tea. You can use it as small vessel during cocktails to hold fruits, nuts, chips or dipping sauces. Makes a lovely gift for mum, but a surprising gift for anniversary and unique wedding gift.

*irregular shape

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 cm
Handmade in Berlin - Germany

Each white porcelain tattooed product is handmade in Berlin by Antikapratika, just for you.

This unique product is decorated with an original Antikapratika silkscreen black, graphic tattoo motifs. Applied on 3rd fire at high temperature. The result is an hard, white, translucent tableware with forever lasting, black tattoo design.

Due to this handmade process, each tattooed porcelain is an unique, superb piece with an individual, irregular shape.


Moth Cup

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