Antikapratika is a project, created in 2003, by Marta & Ivan


We´re an italian couple, both tattooists and creatives, living now in Berlin. Besides tattooing, we produce a collection that is transfering classical tattoo designs from skin to different materials.

We met in 1995 and after we have known each other for some years, it seemed quite clear to us that tattooing was a fundamental part of our lives. At that time Ivan already had his first tattoo, but for me it was a completely new experience.


Marta Antikapratika B-1.jpg


I had my first pottery experience more then 20 years ago with ceramics master Giancarlo Scapin, in my home town Schio – Italy. I´m a self taught creative, drawing my inspiration from the past 40 years of life. 

I´ve spent the past few years studying the process and materials. Every pieces is handmade, from the mold to the motifs and designs, to the final touch. It´s a complex and slow process.

For each piece I design prototypes and then create the model, handcarving plaster or modelling clay. From that I´m producing plaster molds for slipcasting. Each item can then be individualized, applying our unique tattoo design, with different tecniques.

Ceramic handmade in Berlin Marta Antikapratika Tattoo 72.jpg
Ceramic handmade in Berlin Marta Antikapratika Tattoo
Tattooed porcelain, Berlin ceramic, handpainted, Tattoo Antikapratika Marta
Travelling, studying languages, discovering new cultures, talking and listening to people of all kind always keeping my heart and eyes wide open, has helped me to improve my creativity.
— Marta
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slipcasting, Berlin porcelain, ceramic, handcrafted, potters, tattooed porcelain, slowshopping, Antikapratika, Marta
handcrafted ceramic Berlin, handmade porcelain, plaster molds, tattooed ceramics, Antikapratika
slipcasting, ceramic, porcelain, handmade, pottery, Berlin, tattooed ceramics, Antikapratika
Ceramic, handcrafted in Berlin, handmade porcelain, Tattoo, Antikapratika.jpg
handmade ceramic, porcelain, made in Berlin, Mug, tableware, tattooed ceramics collection, Antikapratika
Now with this ceramics collection I go back and follow my first passion, everything comes toghether, the circle closes.
— Marta
Our Ceramics have irregular shape...
we wanted to resemble the human body,
each one unique and different from the others.
— Marta and Ivan


Made of pure white german Bone China, decorated with a silkscreen black graphic tattoo design, applied on 3rd fire at high temperature. The result is an hard, white, translucent tableware with an high resistant underglaze design.

Each single piece is handcrafted in Berlin by us, just for you.


Dishwasher and everyday use safe.

Due to the handmade process all our porcelain are subject to slight variations in size, shape and color.

Download full  - Black Lines Porcelain - catalog (about 2,8MB).

It´s our goal to bring you tableware of the best quality and highest standards, in an amazing combination of modern patterns, style, humor and love.
— Marta and Ivan


This is our new, exquisite collection of blue hand_painted porcelain. Each single piece is handcrafted and carefully painted by hand with an original underglaze tattoo motif, to offer you a product of perfection and exclusiveness.

Few of our pieces have a touch of pure real gold on the rim, just to add a hint of extra glamour.

The entire collection of tattooed porcelain is handcrafted and painted in Berlin by us, just for you.


Dishwasher and everyday use safe - We suggest to take an extra care with gold, is advisable to hand-wash the porcelain.

Download full - Blue Hand_Painted Porcelain - catalog (about 2,4MB)

Exactly like in tattooing, each time we paint a motifs, we give a personal variation which makes every single item an unique single piece. We love to work on custom works, get in touch with us and we can design and produce your special, personal, item.

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I started my career as a tattoo artist in the year 2000. Drawing has been a fundamental part of my life since childhood and most of my inspiration came from comics, old prints, music and album cover designs.

I think this influence is still visible in my work, using lots of black as well as bold and fine lines that interact with dot work.

I´ve got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old. Back then, we´re talking early ´90s, it was quite difficult to find a tattoo artist in my area. I started buying all Tattoo Magazines possible and my passion was born.

Now I´m a resident tattoo artist at Blut & Eisen Berlin. A shop that always has been one of the most influencing tattoo shops in whole Europe and that I have read a lot about in magazines in the past. ..and now here I am.

Berlin tattoo at Blut & Eisen artist Ivan Antikapratika.jpg
Berlin tattoo at Blut & Eisen artist Ivan Antikapratika-1.jpg
Berlin tattoo at Blut & Eisen artist Ivan Antikapratika.jpg
My aim is to always create an unique and exclusive tattoo for every customer and to never replicate any of my work. Each and every one of the tattoos that I do is my very own interpretation, based on my customers ideas, feelings and personality.
— Ivan
Sharp tools, ink, stencils...
woodcarving is natural for me
— Ivan

Limited edition of 20 each, number and signed.

Black ink handprinted on natural 200gr. white paper. Size 30cm x 40cm

  • Fox wearing an human scarf
  • White whale Moby Dick, victorious over Ahab.
  • Sacred image of the Holy Moray.
  • Triumph of Owls

My prints representing Animal supremacy over humans.

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