Marta’s porcelain at the 3rd International Porcelain Biennale in Meißen.

Porzellan biennale Meißen Germany Marta Maria Trenti handcrafted porcelain

18 July to 25 September 2022
at the historic Albrechtsburg Castle, Meißen, DE

The city of Meißen, which can be considered the temple of porcelain in Europe, can claim to be the place where it all began!
In this corner of Saxony where the production technique of this splendid material was established and developed – a few years ago it was decided to dedicate an event to contemporary artistic forms of expression, in particular to non-serial productions. This is how the Meißen International Porcelain Biennale was born.
German and international artists, who experiment with porcelain and create in the field of fine arts are invited to the event.
In this third edition, 25 artists from all over the world have been selected and invited, including Marta Maria Trenti, who will be present with some beautifully porcelain pieces., painted underglaze with her unique style.
In an age increasingly dependent on fast rhythms, it is nice that a space is dedicated to those artists who create works by choosing the slower path of experimentation, thought and love for the porcelain.

An exhibition at the Albrechtsburg Meissen in cooperation with the Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Porzellankunst e. V. Meißen.

Here you can download the Catalogue 2022 of the Meissen Porcelain Biennale and the invitation with general information (prices, opening times, location, etc.).