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Maxi Mugs


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Choose between different subjects. Our Maxi Mug is the perfect versatile bowl. Infact many use it to enjoy muesli, salad or to serve apetizers. A piece of dinnerware to use every day.


Height – 12 cm approx
Diameter – 15 cm approx*
Holds 1100 ml
Dishwasher and food safe, perfect for a daily use.

Pure white, translucent German Porcelain and clear, transparent Glaze.

Black silkscreen tattoo design, applied under the clear glaze.

Indulge in generous portions with our Maxi Mug, thoughtfully designed to enjoy fresh salads or presenting appetizers with flair. Has a glazed surface finish that gives pleasure to hold in the hands. Exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive style come together in these Very Large Mugs and make your table modern and distinctive. It is the perfect choice.

*irregular shape

Weight 0,800 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 12 cm

Barn Owl, Bear Head, Bird Skull, Classic Moth, Crow, Hand, Rose, Wolf

Each white porcelain tattooed product is handmade in Berlin by Antikapratika, just for you.

This unique product is decorated with an original Antikapratika silkscreen black, graphic tattoo motifs. Applied on 3rd fire at high temperature. The result is an hard, white, translucent tableware with forever lasting, black tattoo design.

Due to this handmade process, each tattooed porcelain is an unique, superb piece with an individual, irregular shape.

Design by

Marta Maria Trenti

Marta Maria Trenti, after getting her diploma as Architectural Engineering in 1994, began her artistic journey in 1996, when she attended the ceramic workshop of Master Ceramist Giancarlo Scapin in Schio (VI) Italy. A real imprinting that awoke an interest for creativity, initially oriented towards clay, but which would gradually include an interest also in drawing, oil painting, tattooing and gradually becoming predominant for porcelain.

The porcelain and ceramic artist Marta Maria Trenti, italian, working in Berlin, Germany

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IMPORTANT All Orders placed from 20 January, will be shipped from 16 February 2024.