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Shine Candelabrum


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Shine like a Candle and let all to see, a powerful reminder to be your authentic self. Embrace your uniqueness. A True statement for anyone.

every piece is unique

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Height – 20 cm

Off white, German porcelain, clear transparent glaze and real Gold.

Blue writings and decor, carefully painted by hand, under the clear glaze.

Handmade candle holder, painted all around. You can use it as a vase, because it´s galzed on the inside.  Price referred to one piece, candle not included.

Please note: Images are for demonstration purposes. Variation in Colors from the original piece might occure.

*irregular shape

Weight 1 kg

Each white porcelain tattooed product is handmade in Berlin by Antikapratika, just for you.

Each object is decorated with an original Antikapratika Tattoo motifs, painted by hand with maestry in order to offer a fine, extraordinary uniqueness, to adorn any table setting or interiors. Few of our pieces have a touch of gold to just to give a touch of extra glamour.

Due to this handmade process, each tattooed porcelain is an unique, superb piece with an individual, irregular shape.

Design by

Marta Maria Trenti

Marta Maria Trenti, after getting her diploma as Architectural Engineering in 1994, began her artistic journey in 1996, when she attended the ceramic workshop of Master Ceramist Giancarlo Scapin in Schio (VI) Italy. A real imprinting that awoke an interest for creativity, initially oriented towards clay, but which would gradually include an interest also in drawing, oil painting, tattooing and gradually becoming predominant for porcelain.

The porcelain and ceramic artist Marta Maria Trenti, italian, working in Berlin, Germany

IMPORTANT All Orders placed between May 24 and June 18, will be shipped from June 19 2024.

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